Mother Hen and Motivational Music on a Monday

Mother hen and her chicks

Mother hen and her chicks

Like a mother hen who protects her brood I aim to give my kids the best guidance possible. In  2013 I am  going to focus more on spiritual growth  for the kids. Many a times we are caught up in pursuing academic excellence that we neglect the important of their spiritual development. I have talked about how I will be going about  achieving my resolutions and goals in previous posts.  I will be setting goals for the kids too  for them to achieve.

With so many chaos in the world nowadays it is important to have GOD as your anchor so that you are able to battle any storms and tribulations which may come your way. I’m focusing on a closer walk with the LORD and am going to bring the kids along for the ride.

We will be going through the bible and also adjusting the way we pray together as a family. There will be more focus on GOD as the center of the family and our pillar of strength.  I will be incorporating teaching of spirituality and moral values together with their existing academic progression schedule which I had mapped out for them.

I believe in a holistic development of a child and to provide support in all areas of their development so that they will grow up to become well balanced adults.

What are your plans for your kids this 2013? Photobucket

This week the theme is on Commercial Jingles so I have chosen this one by Cold Storage to remind myself that I have the “Whole World in My Hands”