Weekend Reflections: Being Grateful

Flash Flooding in Kuantan

Flash flooding in Kuantan

Living in Singapore we are sheltered by many natural disasters which are happening in the region. We are being sheltered by Malaysia and Indonesia and these two countries take the brunt of typhoons, tsunamis and earthquakes that happen in this area.

The kids were really shocked to see the road next to the hotel flooded through  after it has been raining heavily for a few hours.  As you can see from the picture  above the water level was up to half of the car and the motorbikes that were parked were overturned by the flood waters.  We had actually planned to go to the mall for lunch but since the road was not passable we had to settle for cup noodles which we purchase the night before. Luckily I do store extra food in our hotel room in case any of the kids do get hungry so they didn’t starve that afternoon.

That day the kids learned first hand how inconvenient it can be we experience natural disasters like floods. The among of damage that nature can inflict on our lives in an instant.  We should be grateful that we are safe and don’t need to experience such natural disasters on a regular basis. The more we should give praise to the LORD for his blessings.

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