Stream of Conciousness Sunday- The Journey

Beautiful Garden

Beautiful Garden

It has been a really long while since I joined in on this meme. A lot has happened since I dropped participating in this meme. However with the start of the new year, 2013 I am intending to raise my consciousness and embark on a different journey.

This time round the focus would be more on building up my spirituality and going all out to improve the overall development of the kids. My aim  this year is to equip them with life skills which will see them through their adulthood. Skills which are not really focused nowadays in the family like earning your keep, helping out in the household, social/moral values and building up one’s spirituality.

Many kids take a lot of things for granted and want instant gratification. They have been given the chance to fulfill their desires without even working hard for it. That shouldn’t be the way and I don’t want any of my kids to think that everything in life should be served to them on a silver platter.

Like the beautiful garden in the picture above it can only be as captivating if the gardener constantly takes effort to care for the plant and prune in regularly. I hope that with my regular “pruning” the kids will turn out to be as eye catching as the flowers above.

It is not an easy journey to be on and I’m glad that I have the support from R and the grandparents as they know that it will be extremely beneficial for the kids to go along on this journey.

What journey are you currently embarking on?