Learning French Through Little Pim

French Pack
French Pack


I’ve been looking around for materials to teach Tiger girl a 4th language and was delighted when Little Pim offered to let me review it’s French series. I’m been intending to expose her to French since she is really receptive to languages at two years old.  I wanted her to her french pronounced by actual french speakers so that she will be used to their pronunciation and
Little Pim: Foreign Language and Fun – French, Volume One (Eating and Drinking / Playtime / Wake Up Smiling) is the first three Digital Downloads  which the kids have seen.  I showed the videos to all 3 kids and they were fascinated by the antics of little panda and his friends Bob the Bobcat and Lola the Elephant. We also viewed Little PIM Fun with Languages – French – Volume II  as a follow up to the first set.

There were short segments of the trio as a lead up to new segments in the video clips which acted as a intro to the 5 minutes  topics on eating and drinking, waking up,smiling , playtime, in my home, happy and sad and I can count.

Each segment was repeated twice and the keywords for both feminine and mascuine  were being reinforced one after the other. Each clip is 35 minutes long which is just nice for the short attention span of kids in this age range.

Little Pim Logo Little Pim is available in  10 languages:  Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, English (ESL), German, Arabic, and Russian.

My thoughts

I feel that the downloaded clips that we reviewed were excellent material for introducing French to young kids. My kids who are 2, 6 and 8 all enjoyed watching and learning from it. The younger kids were very keen to follow the videos and repeat the words aloud together with it.  We will be reviewing these digital downloads off an on and also try to use the vocabulary which they have learned through the  digital downloads.

I certainly recommend these clips from Little Pim to get your child started in other languages.

You can learn more about Little Pim from Litlte Pim’s Website.



Disclaimer: I received a digital download of the French pack for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

9 thoughts on “Learning French Through Little Pim”

  1. I’m trying to learn French as well and it’s exciting especially once you learned some of the words and then hear it on some French movie and realized that you can actually understand some of the words. Good luck to you and to learning from languages!

  2. 4th language??? Amazing! My husband is Lebanese and the 2nd language of Lebanon is French. Oh how I wish my daughter will learn to speak that language. It’s a must for them. Whenever we go visit Lebanon, I feel like I’m in Paris because street signs, government buildings, private sectors almost all things are in French and under it is a small translation in Arabic. Even their passport is French/Arabic. Goodluck on your kid’s tutorial for this.

    1. @Jhari,
      Actually we are introducing more then 4 languages to our kids at the moment we speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese to them on a daily basis and am slowly introducing French and Japanese too.

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