[Book Review] Make Weight Lost Last by Deborah Kesten and Larry Scherwitz

Make Weight Lost Lass Cover
Make Weight Loss Last 10 Solutions That Nourish Body, Mind and Soul by Deborah Kesten, P.P.H and Larry Scherwitz, Ph.D is a very different type of weight lost book. Most of the books/programs that I have seen in the market.

The authors talk about a person’s overeating style which can be classified as

  • Food Fretting ( Dieting and worrying about the best way to eat)
  • Task Snacking ( Eating while doing other activities)
  • Emotional Eating( Eating to counteract negative feelings)
  • Fast Foodism ( Eating  fast, processed food)
  • Solo Dining (Eating alone)
  • Unappetizing Atmosphere ( Eating under stress/ not appropriate dining conditions)
  • Sensory Disregard ( Eating quickly just to complete the meal)

It is important to know what is your overeating style before you are able to correct the behaviour. The book starts off with various check lists to determine your overeating style.  In each of the remaining 11 chapters Deborah and Larry give examples of how you can work through your overeating style and keep the weight lost off.

Fad diets don’t work and they may cause your body to go in chaos. You may gain back the pounds that you initially lost and much more in the process.  In each chapter real live examples are given on how one can overcome their overeating style  and the reasons given why their efforts have been sabotaged in the past.

My Thoughts

It was interesting to learn that I had a Sensory Disregard overeating style. I attribute this to the fact that I had been used to quickly finishing my meal in my profession as a teacher as we are not given a fix meal time and most of the time we are held up by work even during our free time to be able to enjoy our lunch/recess in peace.

My overall overeating style was good and the type of food that I eat are typically positive and beneficial. However there is room for improvement to bring myself closer to optimal eating.

Through reading the book I also got an understanding to why it has been so difficult to lose the extra 6kgs and get down to 60kg as I originally targeted for Dec 2012. It is more a mindset and lifestyle change to get to my desired weight.

The problem I have is that I do savor the flavours when I eat but find it hard to make a meaningful connection to my meals.

I would need to regard and acknowledge all aspects of the meal before I eat from nature as it’s creator to how it ends up at my table. I feel by doing so it will also enrich my spirituality.


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