10 Things in my Closet

My closet

The closet that I share with R

This week we are talking about  what is in your closet.  I’m letting you in what I have in mine.

In no particular order here is a list of 10 Things in My Closet

  1. A fire extinguisher. ( I’m not joking!! I put one in for dual purpose. In case of emergencies in case an electrical fire  starts out in our bedroom and as a weapon to fight against any intruders)
  2. The kids baptism certificates.
  3. My Wedding dress which I am trying hard to fit back into for our upcoming 12th wedding anniversary.
  4. My favourite ESPRIT jeans
  5. My graduation teddy bear.
  6. A heart shape wooden box that came with lovely pink flowers which was given to me by R during our courtship.
  7.  Chinese Drama series DVDs
  8. Footy the teddy bear
  9. My sports bag
  10. My jewellery box ( that is so that Tiger girl can’t get to it and mess it up)

What’s hiding in your closet?

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