10 Tips for going on a Road Trip

Road Trip Pic

Road Trip Pic

Last week we were on a road trip in Malaysia. It was a great experience for both the kids and adults and something which we feel we will do again soon.

Here are 10 tips for those who are planning on going on a road trip.

  1. Get your car checked out at the mechanics to ensure that it is functioning well.
  2.  Plan your  itinerary in advance. Do allow for last minute changes in plans as there maybe need to change plans due to the weather or other unforeseen changes.
  3. Pack a few days in advance. This will help you gauge better the number of luggage bags that you need to bring along which will fit in the car.
  4. Load up the VCR/iPad with movies for the kids to watch on the way. The kids watched Cars 2 and Madagascar 3 while on the road.
  5. Prepare snacks and drinks for the car ride. I packed buns and packet drinks for the kids as it will cause the least mess in the car. Biscuits would create lots of crumbs and there would be a lot of cleaning up to do when we are back from the trip.
  6. Drive safely and take breaks in between.  One needs to be alert while on the road with kids. Taking regular breaks will ensure that the driver remains alert on the road.
  7. Wear comfortable clothes. Kids can get  easily irritated if they are too hot or too cold. It can get very stressful to drive in uncomfortable clothes or having kids whine non stop as they are not comfortable.
  8. Book your accommodation in advance.  It can get really frustrating if you have to drive from one hotel to another to look for a room if the hotel is fully booked.. By booking the room(s) that you require before hand it will ensure that you have a place to spend the night.
  9. Bring Maps and the GPS. It is important to know more about the routes that you will be taking as it will be easier for you to plan your rest stops.
  10. Play games on the way. The game I Spy and count the number of  sheep, type of car etc that you pass by will certainly make time pass by faster for the kids.

Any more tips that you can add on?

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