Weekend Reflections- Road Trip


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This week we drove up to Malacca to attend a family function. It was the first time that the kids have taken such a long drive. They were relatively well behaved and played with their toys while waiting to reach our destination.

This is one of the delicacies over at Malacca. Chicken Rice Balls. The boys really enjoyed eating the rice balls. It was different from the normal chicken rice presentation which we were used to.

This is one of the places which we managed to visit during our short visit there. It is a museum which is a replica of Frol De La Mar. Inside the various decks we saw model ships which brought the early immigrants from Portugal all the way to Malacca, Malaysia. There were also iron figurines of the various crew of the ship within the cabins. I personally like the replica of the captain’s cabin. Ryan love the grandeur of the whole ship

How was your weekend this week?

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