Writer’s Workshop: Be Over for Tea

I seldom have people coming over for a tea/coffee date at my place.It does take a lot of effort to get the house into a presentable state with the kids repeatedly making a mess on a daily basis.

On the rare occasion that we have guest the kids are thrilled to bits. They would have friends over to play with them  and they would be hold up in their bedroom playing with their train sets or taking turns to lay the multi-player games that we have for the PS3 or Wii.

We do have a lot of building blocks and two gigantic doll houses for the girls to play with. Tiger girl loves playing  with them with other girls who come to our house.

The adults would be chatting away in the room while feasting on my freshly baked cookies and cakes.  I have a wide assortment of English and Chinese teas to go with the bakes. There would be jellies and other treats for the kids too for tea.

It would be a very relaxing afternoon for all and lots of fun overall.


How would a coffee date at your house be like?

What snacks would you prepare?

Jenny Matlock Mama’s Losin’ It