Writer’s Workshop: Not My Cup of Tea

Photo by Photoxpress

Photo by Photoxpress

Sewing or Cross Stitch was something which I attempted way back when I was a teenager. It was an “in thing” back then as many of my friends were doing cross stitch bags and other dainty accessories. Some of them even went into crocheting sweaters and making really cute keepsakes.

I remember doing a Cross Stitch set with a small frame. I can’t remember what picture it was but I do remember that it was a real chore completing that craft work.

Having to constantly  count the number of stitches and change the color of the thread is an activity which I I personally have little interest in.  The worst part of it is that you have to unpick the thread and start again if you had miscounted the number of stitches needed.

It does look pretty to have a handmade craft framed up and placed on the wall. However after some time it does collect dust and does look a bit dated after sometime. It would be more practical to turn the cross stitch into a useful item like a bag or cushion cover.  It would take lots more effort on my part to use a template and sew a bag using a sewing machine.

Something which seems more complicated and tedious then learning how to play a new song on the piano or violin. Something which I will never be able to gather sufficient interest to do a proper job in. Sewing is certainly not my cup of tea.


Is there any hobby which  which you pursued briefly?

What made you give it up?

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