Writer’s Workshop: Not My Cup of Tea

Photo by Photoxpress
Photo by Photoxpress

Sewing or Cross Stitch was something which I attempted way back when I was a teenager. It was an “in thing” back then as many of my friends were doing cross stitch bags and other dainty accessories. Some of them even went into crocheting sweaters and making really cute keepsakes.

I remember doing a Cross Stitch set with a small frame. I can’t remember what picture it was but I do remember that it was a real chore completing that craft work.

Having to constantly  count the number of stitches and change the color of the thread is an activity which I I personally have little interest in.  The worst part of it is that you have to unpick the thread and start again if you had miscounted the number of stitches needed.

It does look pretty to have a handmade craft framed up and placed on the wall. However after some time it does collect dust and does look a bit dated after sometime. It would be more practical to turn the cross stitch into a useful item like a bag or cushion cover.  It would take lots more effort on my part to use a template and sew a bag using a sewing machine.

Something which seems more complicated and tedious then learning how to play a new song on the piano or violin. Something which I will never be able to gather sufficient interest to do a proper job in. Sewing is certainly not my cup of tea.


Is there any hobby which  which you pursued briefly?

What made you give it up?

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23 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Not My Cup of Tea”

  1. I was crazy about cross-stitching for a few years and amassed tons of stash! But these days, I mostly do sewing and have dipped a toe into quilt-making. 🙂

    I tried to get into baking, but it’s not my cup of team. I much prefer making things I can use and that look pretty.

  2. I pursued a lot of hobbies since my teens. One of them is cross stitch. Another crocheting. Still another quilting. Haven’t finished any big projects. Small ones yes, like a crocheted pouch bag or a small, very small, picture cross stitch. I get bored easily 🙂

  3. Hobby…. well, I honestly can’t think of a thing, currently. Perhaps that’s exactly because I didn’t pursue it that I totally forgot what that is. I enjoy blogging, though. I’m doing this for more than a year now. I super like this gig.

  4. My husband is good at cross stitching. He has a lot of patience. I tried it but I am always impatient so it always ends up to him finishing the pattern. hehe

    Mommy Maye

  5. Ditto ditto , I to have attempted cross stitch but it really does not grow ,quick enough . I love making things with fabric. I am not brilliant but I do my best and recipients have been most gracious.

  6. I did cross stitch once when young and I too found it tedious. I never learned to sew as a child or anything but took it up here and there to make quilts but at best I am still a novice at that.

  7. My mom was really good at knitting, sewing and cross-stictching. She made me a big beautiful picture of a bengal tiger which my dad made a fancy frame for and I have it in my living room. But me, not a sewer, knitter or cross-stitcher either. The best I did was crewel of a little panda with some flowers and a rose.

  8. I am sure I have abandoned plenty of hobbies but I couldn’t think of a good response to that prompt! I do have traumatic memories of taking roller skating class and not being able to master the “turnaround.” I think I’m scarred for life! 🙂

  9. My nine year old daughter just took up cross stitch. I’m doing my best to help her, but honestly it was never my cup of tea either. Luckily she seems okay about improper stitches, to her they just add character to her piece.

  10. I tried to cross stitch when I was very little. I never finished the piece I started, even though it was color coded and I didn’t have to count.

    I draw, and for a while molded with fimo (gave it up because I didn’t have an oven to bake them in college), and I paint sometimes and do calligraphy sometimes…and graphic design, and occassionally I do beading. I sort of specifically decided NOT to sew. I figured I had enough other hobbies…and I didn’t need another.

  11. I guess we all did that as kids. Now I occasionally take up knitting to abandon it. The only thing I have pursued (besides writing) is weaving. YOu can’t mess that up:)

  12. You can always tell if you have a passion for things are not.

    I tried baking. I don’t think I do well with it. I overcook. I’ve tried again, and again. So I think I’m just going to boot it to once in fun times with the kids and winter.

    Aloha 🙂

  13. Yes. I am not a craft kind of person…when it comes to having a lot of materials on hand. Like crocheting= different color threads, sewing = different types of materials. I like things that could be done and then clean away. I try not to keep too many things on hand. As it is with a family of five, you know too I am sure, we have all kinds of stuff. from food for cooking to tools for activities. So in sum, I prefer to stay inventory-less. Have a great weekend.

  14. I tried to learn knitting with my grandmother. Over and over again she would patiently try to show me. I wish now that I would have had a knack for it, I would sure love to be able to duplicate some of her doilies!

    I’m visiting today from Thursday’s Favorite Things. 🙂

  15. 🙂 I wouldn’t do cross stitch either, Dominique.

    I though I would fish when I retired. Mrs. Jim said that she would clean and cook all of the fish I caught. I never went fishing at all. I have heard that if you don’t do a certain thing before you retire you likely won’t do it when you are retired.
    Jim’s Thursday Two Questions

  16. I, too, did not ‘take’ to needlework. My sister, however, was quite nifty at it!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with this!

    And thanks for linking.


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