List of 10 Not so Distant Memories

Chinese New Year 2012

November is a time for recaps and time to reflect on the year which is almost ending.

Here is a list of 10 not so distant memories that I have of this year starting from January.

#1.- The kids all in the Chinese New Year costumes this year. I treasure the time seeing them dressed up in their traditional costumes. I know when they reach teenage or so they wouldn’t want to be wearing the traditional outfits for Chinese New Year.

My 3 kids

#2- The 3 kids being able to play together instead of just playing beside each other.

#3 In Feburary we left the boys with their grandparents and took Tiger girl on a short trip to Taiwan. It was the first “couple” trip that we had in a very long time. Hopefully next year we will be able to go for a trip without any of the kids tagging along.

Monkey boy's birthday

#4- In March my eldest, Monkey boy, turned 8yrs old.Β  It was like yesterday that he was still a toddler needing assistance. Now he is so much more independent and on his way to becoming a self reliant person.

Cooking at Totts

#5-In April I went with R for my first couple cooking class. It was a great experience to bond in the kitchen over cooking. We learned to make some tasty dishes and have been cooking them off and on for the family.

Visit to Art Museum

#6- The kids had a lot of fun during the trip to the Art Museum with Aunty R and her son K. They loved trying out the various activities that they had for the kids there.

Lotte world

#7 In June we brought the kids to Korea for a family vacation. They had so much fun at the various theme parks there. Lotte world was one of their favourites as there were so many kiddy rides which they could go on.

Rock climbing

#8. The kids got to go rock climbing not only once but twice!! They had fun climbing indoors and outdoors at two different locations. Monkey boy is really into climbing but unfortunately Doggie boy doesn’t really like it.

kids artwork

#9- In August the kids got to go for a trial art class and learn how to draw sunflowers. They came up with really lovely masterpieces during the 1hr class. It’s amazing how having the right teachers make a difference to the learning of art. Unfortunately it isn’t in our budget to send them for art classes at the moment.

Tiger girl's birthday celebration

#10- My little girl is officially a toddler as she is now 2 yrs old. She is getting more demanding and it will be a challenge grooming her alongside her brothers.

What memoriesΒ  do you have of 2012?

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23 thoughts on “List of 10 Not so Distant Memories”

  1. I wish we could do the couple trip too and leaving the kids with their grandmom. But I don’t think my mom would thrill with the idea. She is the kind of parent who gives you that look if you ask her a favor to watch for the kids while you are having ‘couple’ time. Even if she agrees there will be lots of text messages follow along the way..sigh..
    Great list by the way! I recognize them from your posts πŸ™‚

  2. I’m really looking forward to the time when my kids are a little older and can play together. Although I know they’ll fight too. Their Chinese New Year costumes are gorgeous!

  3. Well… on 2012 I spent a lot of time on FB, more than I ever have! I’m still not convinced that we need this much social media in our lives, but am thankful for the connections made! πŸ™‚

  4. It is really fun looking back on what the present year has brought to us and our families. Especially seeing how the kids have grown and how they have learnt. πŸ™‚

  5. Amazing how much we can pack in to 11 months, huh? It seems like you and your family have had some fantastic adventures this past year. Thanks for sharing all of your memories and miletsones with us!

  6. Your cute are so cute especially the little girl. This year, my son turned two also. Then one great blessing is that my online shop and my blog. More lucks to us.

  7. That made me think huh!

    It is nice to travel one in a while without the kids. But I think I still have to wait for years to have that kind of trip because my daughters could not still be left to others.

  8. You’ve had a very active year….very nice that you can recap-it would be cute to print out the recaps and make a book for you children to look back on too. =)

    1. @Pamela,
      we will be printing out another photobook for the kids this year too.. I’m sure they will treasure it.

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