Writer’s Workshop:Only for Mummy

Tiger girl doing art

As a parent we wish to educate our child to the best of our abilities. We wish to teach them everything that we can possibly teach so that they will be well equipped with the correct tools to deal with whatever problems and obstacles that life may throw their way.  We want our babies to be able to be self reliant and independent when they grow up to be young adults.

Through educating our kids we impart the values and wisdom that were installed into us from our own parents and ancestors. However little do we realize that it’s our kids that are the one who give us the best lessons in life on parenting.

It’s not about the abundance of knowledge or multitude of skills which one needs to have to survive but learning how to be at peace with yourself.

It’s amazing how much your child can teach you even at their tender age.  Lessons about patience, enjoying life, taking things slow and doing it one step at a time. Forgiveness and acceptance that we are not perfect but doing the best we can.

Unconditional love  and having an open heart and mind. Many of these lessons which we may have forgotten as we grew up.

It’s not just about who you are as a parent but how you have impacted the life of your child as they have places their impact on yours.


What have your child taught YOU about parenting?

What’s your most unforgettable moment?


Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It