Weekend Reflections: A Picture tells a Thousand Words


Doggy Boy's drawing

This week Doggie boy and I have been reading the book Too Busy Marco by Roz Chast. We had borrowed the book from the library the week before during our fortnightly trip.  At first he was reluctant to read the book as the cover page was not that appealing.  However as we peeled through the pages of the book  he got more and more interested in the story.

Doggie boy proudly announced that he created a masterpiece showcasing his favourite funny fishes- Cube-Headed La-Di-Dah, Peanut-Butter-And=Jelly fish  and the Frosted Doughnutfish one evening after dinner. He also mentioned that it would be great if such fishes really  existed at it would certainly make his day eating them.

My 5 yr old  had been flipping through the book almost daily  on his own and even started drawing out snippets of the story  as shown above.I’m amazed at the details and clarity of his drawing of the different type of fishes that he read about in the book.

It shows that my efforts in reading often to the kids and trying to get them interested in reading different types of books have is slowly paying off.

If you are interested in owning your own copy you can get a copy from Amazon

Have  anything interesting happened to you this week?

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Disclaimer: We borrowed the book Too Busy Marco by Roz Chazt from the library.This post has a Compensation Level of 3. Please visit Dominique’s Disclosure page for more information.