Weekend Reflections: Artsy Challenge

My painting

Art is not one of my strong subjects.  If I get to choose between art and music I would certainly chose music as it was what I am more inclined to. However this week I decided to join in with some friends of mine to try out a 3 hour painting session at  Arteastiq. I felt that it was time for some me time without the kids and have a girls outing. The last outing that I had without the kids was went I attended the bread making course two months ago.

It was the first time that I tried painting on canvas with acrylic paints and it was really fun. I initially chose a picture from the files which they had on the counter for customers to browse. However after partially drawing the picture on the canvas I decided to make my own alteration to the picture and add in a pair of cats instead.  Painting on canvas wasn’t as easy as I expected and it was not easy to blend the colors as compared to painting on drawing paper.

I found it really relaxing being at the painting session as I could clear my mind and just focus on painting. The kids were not around to distract me and it will really great having the bonding session with the ladies.

Did you take up any challenges this week?

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections: Artsy Challenge”

  1. Those art places are so fun! I love that you took your own creative liberties! Here’s to more challenges successfully navigated this week!

  2. Glad you took up the challenge! It sounds like you were real creative with it and may have found a new relaxing hobby.

  3. It is great that you stepped out of your comfort zone by attending the art class! I went to a local pottery place a few months ago–but pot was less then pretty but it was a fun experience 🙂

    As far as my challenge…believe it or not I am just trying to do one homecooked meal a week! I am so not a good cook…

  4. I love art and music. I love Bob Ross & love to watch him paint & one day, I plan to setup a painting area, so I can paint and relax. You did a great job on your project.

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks!

    1. @Coretta,
      It was a lunchtime out. Haven’t tried a girls night out as yet as hubby is still very resistant about taking care of all 3 kids by himself. 😛

  5. Oh, good for you! It’s empowering when we’re able to tap into our inner selves and unleash talent we never before knew existed, isn’t it? What did your kids say about your painting? :). I’m sure they loved it.

  6. It’s really nice to jump on some new challenges from time to time. Nice painting and I think you’re off to a good start.

  7. I love to draw! I guess it comes with my being a left handed. My two kids are also left handed and they’re both very good in drawing. I haven’t tried acrylic painting though.

  8. Lovely! How wonderful to have some art time to explore your creativity. I think your piece is adorable and certainly a clever design. I’m inspired to try something new – will have to keep an eye out for art classes in our area.

  9. Too bad I wasn’t able to join for this session. Glad that you had this me time to challenge tourself and trying something new.

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