Supermom 101- How to Maintain Focus and Rhythm

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In the last post I shared my daily routine  and how I incorporate all the task that I have to be done within the constrains of a day.  Some of the readers have feedback that it was tiring just reading through all the task that  I do daily. They wondered how I manage to keep going at it without running out of steam. This week I will let you in how I manage to maintain focus and rhythm.

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It can be tiring having to do so many tasks and chores on a daily basis.  Seeing the almost never ending list can make one feel  caged in and exhausted. Sometimes it does feel like you are searching for that exclusive flower within a sea of green.

You get lethargic and wish that secretly everything could be outsource and maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you had a clone or robot to help you out. Unfortunately none of this maybe be a possible option for you and  it still is upon you to get everything done.How then can one prevent suffering from  being burnout or sinking into depression in the process?

Here are some tips on how I make it through even the most challenging days.

  1. Know your body and how it functions.
    Get to know which hour in the day your energy level is at the highest and schedule your more challenging tasks/activities to coincide with it. During the hours where you fell like you are stagnating or running low on battery take a catnap if possible or some repetitive task like folding the laundry.
  2. Anticipate changes and be flexible.
    Being a mom I know how difficult it is to follow a schedule to a T. It can be impossible so there is no point stressing over it. Modify and rearrange the things to be done as and when situations arise and you won’t feel that you are not in control of your day. No one says it’s a must to get everything done in a day. Don’t be too harsh on yourself!!
  3. Schedule in downtime for yourself- take a break.
    No one can function non stop. Even machines break down and need to be repaired. I don’t belief in pushing oneself to breaking point and falling sick often because of it. It makes more sense to keep oneself healthy as a mom doesn’t  have the “privilege” of calling in a sick day and leaving the tasks to others like  a dad. You still have to take care of the kids irregardless of the state of health you are in therefore it is best that we try to remain in the pink of health.
  4. Enshroud yourself with Positivity
    Having the correct mindset really gives you strength to see you through the day. Being positive and encouragement from self and others will only spur you to perform at your optimal potential.

How do you maintain your focus and rhythm?




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