Enjoying the Holidays with L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Laser™

Doggie boy and me

During the school holidays we took the kids on a week long vacation to Korea to have some fun. It was  great time for the family  as we go to  spend time together and create many happy memories together.  We visited the theme parks- Lotte World, and Everland .The kids even got to try out all the different professions at Kidzania.  The three photographers in our family, Hubby, Monkey boy and me took hundreds of pictures each on our respective cameras.

Monkey boy, tiger girl and me

I’m glad that I was able to look my best in the photos and they turned out really well. Having used L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Laser™ for the past six week has really made my skin look more radiant and it feels really good!!

I still looked fresh and alert in the photographs even though I had been out in the sun the whole day bringing the kids to sit on one ride after another.

It was rather hot in Korea as they too were having Summer. The UV rays there were quite strong. We were out daily visiting the different places of interest and in the sun a lot. My skin was exposed to the full force of the summer elements

I was pleased that  the Protect White Perfect Laser™ All-Round Protection Whitening Cream SPF19/PA+++ and the the sunblock- L’Oréal Paris UV Perfect SPF 50  which I have been applying daily have helped to prevent my face from darkening under the intense sun.

My complexion remained fair and I did not get any more sunspots on my face even though we were out in the sun the whole week.

WP Laser technology has helped me achieve a  more radiant complexion and I’m really happy with what I’m seeing in the mirror every morning.

Stay tuned for my final write up in 2 weeks time when I complete my 8 weeks  journey with  L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Laser™


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