Towards Better Skin with L’Oréal after 2 weeks

Loreal Products

It has been two few weeks since I incorporated  L’Oréal products into my  daily beauty regime. Every morning I would use the Youth Code,White Perfect Laser™ Anti-Spot Brightening Essence  and Protect White Perfect Laser™ All-Round Protection Whitening Cream SPF19/PA+++ after using my usual facial cleanser and toner.

Even though I haven’t been using the product for that long I have noticed that my skin does feel much tighter and smoother after two weeks of continuous application.

Youth Code application
I start off with applying a drop of Youth Code Pre-essence. This is suppose  to aid in the absorption of White Perfect Laser™ Anti-Spot Brightening Essence which I would be applying in my 2nd step. It was easily absorbed into my skin and it helped prepare my skin for the next step.

next steps


The  White Perfect Laser™ Anti-Spot Brightening Essence was applied  during my 2nd step.  As this product has a smooth and non-oily texture it was easily absorbed into my skin upon application.I’ve noticed that my skin has become visibly fairer after using this product. However I still have yet to see if it lightens the pigmentation spots on my face as it states that it may take 8 weeks to see the results I am looking for.


The third step involved applying the Protect White Perfect Laser™ All-Round Protection Whitening Cream SPF19/PA+++. This cream being of a heavier and creamier texture took a longer time to be absorbed into the skin.  It felt a bit heavy on the cheeks after application.


My skin felt smoother and more taut after applying all these products.  I have been using both the day cream and essence twice  a day as recommended by L’Oréal. I also applied the sunblock- L’Oréal UV Perfect  SPF 50 to get maximum protection from our harsh Singapore sun.


My 20mth old girl loves watching me put on the skin care products in the morning after my bath.  She would gesture to me and say ” Nana wants.. put..please..”  On certain mornings she would imitate my movements of applying creams to my face by doing  likewise on her face.  ” Give me”, she would request while pointing to the  L’Oréal products. I have to gently decline her request as she is much too young for these products at her age. ” Maybe when you turn 18 yrs old dear”.

The boys

The boys also were eager to try out the product but it’s strictly for women guys!!


I’m glad that there hasn’t been any adverse reaction to my skin after using these products and I do feel that I look more radiant now as compared to two weeks ago. I’ll check in again during my 6th week of usage and stay tune for my upcoming updates.


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Disclaimer: I am participating in a sponsored campaign by L’Oréal Paris to try out their White Perfect Laser™ products. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. Results obtained from the usage of the product may vary from person to person. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.