Summer Music Moves Me, Lotte World Korea

Lotte World

Last Monday we brought the kids over to Lotte World, Seoul.  It was one of the places that was a must visit for the kids.  I’ve hear a lot about this Theme park. I  was certain that the kids  would love spending the day there going on the different rides there. It has been a really warm summer and I am glad that half of the rides in this theme park was indoor and we had the cool air-con instead of the blistering sun to bear with.
Monkey Boy and Tiger Girl

the boys

Monkeying around in “Jail”

Bumper Cars

Bumper cars were the kids favourite ride. They had a few rounds on the bumper cars as one round was not enough for them to fully enjoy themselves. Even Tiger girl was raring to go on the car by herself but she had to be accompanied as she is still a tad too little to drive the car by herself.

Wonderland Ride


We went on a train ride through Wonderland where the kids and I went through  rooms filled with  candies, chocolates and other treats. It was really cool seeing Goldilocks and the three bears and other familiar characters from my childhood years.

Lotte World ParadeWe managed to catch the daily parade where the floats and animals in costumes came out for their performance. The kids  really loved seeing the Penguins dancing and the lights flashing on the floats. I’ll be sharing more pictures of Lotte world later this week in another post.  I took nearly  800 pictures last weekend and am slowly sorting through all of them.


Sharing with you a summer time tune by Ritchie Ren