Eco Amazons- 20 Women Who are Changing the World

In commemorating International Women’s Day I would like to introduce you to the book  Eco Amazons: 20 Women Who Are Transforming the World , a very inspirational book which I had the privilege to review.  Written by Dorka Keehn and Photography by Colin Finlay this book collates the thoughts and actions of these twenty environmental activist to make the world a better place.

Image by Dora Kheen from KEEHN ON ART

Majora Carter is one of the amazing ladies which has been featured in this book. The youngest of 10 siblings this eco-entrepreneur founded the nonprofit Sustainable South Bronx in 2001.

She developed restoration projects on the Bronx River waterfront, built green roofs, and created one of the nation’s first urban green jobs training and placement systems. Her efforts earned her a  MacArthur “genius” Fellowship “in recognition of great future potential.”

In 2008, Majora launched the Majora Carter Group, a green-collar economic consulting firm that develops investment opportunities in marginalized communities across the country.

You just have to view the short video clip about the book to get a preview of what is within the pages.


Eco Amazons Book Flip from powerHouse Books on Vimeo.

I really enjoyed reading the stories behind the ladies contributions to society and how they have tried to make our world a better place. The book was a really  inspirational read.

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 Photo Credit: Keen on Art

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Eco Amazons: 20 Women Who Are Transforming the World for review purposes.

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