P52- {Be Still}


During the weekend we brought the kids to the beach it was a change from the  busy scenes of city live and have a chance to sit back and be still for a moment. It has been a while since we last went to the beach and the weather was great. It wasn’t too sunny or rainy that Sunday afternoon.

The boys went of  riding with their dad and the girl and I had the chance to have a stroll along the beach.


It was nice to be able to slow things down for a moment and put away all the stress accumulated during the week. I really enjoyed soaking in the sea breeze and it’s calming effect.


How would you take a moment off to  be still?

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12 thoughts on “P52- {Be Still}”

  1. Hi Dominique, I love going to the beach. I feel relaxed as soon as my feet touch the sand 🙂 I love the little quote in your picture “Be still…pause for a moment and enjoy your surroundings”
    I will definitely try this next time.

  2. Just having quiet to read, watch people, knit, or anything else in the beautiful sun would be wonderful.

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