10 Things That Makes My Life Easier

Checking her messages

There are many gadgets available today which certainly help to make your life much better. I’m for gadgets which do help to speed up the tasks which I have to do daily.

  1. The washing machine.
    I like it that I just have to dump the dirty clothes in it, put in the detergent, turn the dial and press start. An hour or so later the clothes come out clean. I’ve tried manually washing the clothes when the washing machine was spoilt and it really takes too much work and time to do so.
  2. My Mobile Phone
    I love how easy it is to connect with others through texting instead of taking on the phone. I use the notes function/ check my facebook and emails on the go and also use the alarm clock function on it. I also have some games on it and they keep the kids occupied when we are waiting outside.
  3. My Laptop and internet connection
    It helps me connect to the rest of the world and makes it easier to blog , get the latest information etc. I would certainly be lost without it.
  4. A weekly housekeeper
    We get a cleaning lady to come in weekly to do the major cleaning in the house. It really helps to keep the house in order and frees up my time to concentrate more fully on the kids.
  5. My little house helpers.
    They make it easier and faster to do the housework as they help to do the laundry, vacuuming and cleaning up after themselves.
  6. The television
    It gives everyone a time out each day. It’s also great that it can be paired with the WII/ Xbox so that I’m able to do my workouts at home without having the hassle of going to the gym.
  7. The slow cooker
    I love that it has a timer function and will automatically keep my soups/stews warm after it has been cooked.
  8. The electric kettle
    It’ so much easier to boil water using it and I don’t need to keep watch on the fire.
  9. My parents/Parents -in laws
    They come and help out with the kids as often as they can.  Without their help it would be difficult to get ME time off and some quite time to myself on a regular basis.
  10. Having a routine for everyone.
    The kids know what they have to do on a daily basis so I don’t need to keep on prodding or nagging them to complete the listed tasks.

What do you have that makes your life easier?

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