Climbing up, Birthday Talk, Aloha Friday

This week has been a rather short week with two days of holidays midweek. Where has the time gone?

This week I actually planned to get more workout exercises done with my new Zumba Wii game but so far only got around to trying it out twice. I guess that I have to step up and be more discipline next week.

This morning I had a rather interesting conversation with Doggie Boy.

He was asking me what the date was and very subtly implicated that he should have a holiday next Monday.

Doggie Boy: ” Mummy’s what the date today?”

Me: ” Today’s the 12th of August?”

Doggie Boy: ” so ..tomorrow’s the 13th, then it’s the 14th then
the 15th right?”

Me:                “Yes.. you are correct”

Doggie Boy:  ” I have something very important to do on the 15th”
” I don’t need to go to school”

Me :          ” You do need to go to school. The 15th is a Monday and you
do have school.”

Doggie Boy:    ” No.. Monday I have something very important to do..
can’t go to school.. I need to celebrate your birthday”

Me:              “Aww..that’s a nice thought darling but u STILL
Have to go to school ”
( It’s nice that he is thinking of celebrating my birthday for me but it’s not an excuse for skipping school)

I’m wondering what cakes the boys will chose for me this birthday. They chose this assortment last year.

My Birthday Cakes for Last Year’s Birthday

Tiger Girl turns 11 months old today. In a month’s time she will be 1 yr old.  Today she reached another important milestone- climbing.  She is now able to climb up the sofa by herself. I need to start teaching her how to dismount from it properly or she’ll be having bruises on her forehead if she falls off the sofa.

My questions this week

How old was your child/children when they started climbing/walking? How do you prevent them from getting into scraps during this learning period?