TGI, Aloha -Good Friday Edition

Good Friday

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I hope that you have had a Good Friday. Today we brought the kids to church to listen to the Passion Friday Mass.

What have you been up to today?

This weekend I’m grateful that

1. I’m feeling much better today after pouring out my frustrations to my best friends and mum. It is great to have someone who I can rant to so I don’t feel so blue and uptight.

2. I finally can put my holiday plans into action. We will be bring the boys to ride on the bullet train during the June holidays and now I just have to finalize the accommodation and tickets.

3. I’m finally down to single digits in my weight lost regime.  I have 9 kg to ideal and so far since Tiger girl was born (7mths ago) I’m down by 16kg. I hope to reach my ideal before she turns 1yr old.


My question this week

Beach or City for a  Birthday Weekend getwaway?

This is a combined entry for TFI Friday by Barefoot Mahala and Aloha Friday of An Island Life
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