Book Review: Teaching is …by MarJan Glavac Review

Teaching Is… Moments That Inspire and Motivate Teachers To Make A Difference by Marjan Galvac is a very inspiring book which I recently read.

Written by  the creator of the highly regarded online teacher’s resource-The Busy Educator  the book gives snippets into the lives of a teacher and the defining moments which gives one the reason to stay and remain as a teacher.

As an educator myself I know that the constant changes in the education system is really draining the life out of even the most passionate educator.  Sometimes we really feel like throwing in the towel and just leave the job.

The overwhelming work load and being constantly overworked and undervalued has caused the passion and sparks for teaching to fizzle off at time.

Reading this book really brings back sweet memories and the joys I had teaching my last class before going on no pay leave.

Teaching is … Being told years and years later by
students that you’re still their favorite

This is my favourite quotation from the book as I can personally relate to it. My ex- students who I still keep in contact with have told me that I’m still their favourite teacher and it really melts my heart hearing it from them.

Do give the book a read if you are needing some inspiration. It really does wonders.

 Disclaimer: I received a copy of Teaching Is: Moments that Inspire and Motivate Teachers to Make a Difference for review purposes. Opinions are 100% my own.