Happy Birthday Music Moves Me

When I was one year old

Today’s my birthday and it’s time to celebrate. Time to kick back and enjoy myself for at least a day. Time is really passing very fast. That picture above was taken 33 years ago.  This year we will be having a much smaller cake and I’ll be baking it myself.

It has been a great  year for me last year as there has been lots of improvement and the addition of Tiger girl to our family. Our family dynamics has improved and we are  all working together an improving ourselves. The house has been fully renovated and everything that needed to be fixed has been fixed. I’m a happy mummy as I’m now able to spend time home with the kids and pursue my hobbies…now if I can work out how to add on time for studying a new course and increase passive income.


This week I’m highlighting one of my favourite Korean Boy Band- Super Junior.. here is them singing Perfection.


Do you kids love the same music as you too?