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What I have learned this October

The kids and me

The kids and me

October has been a super charged learning month for me.  I have been trying to clear the backlog of reading that I have on hand but the list doesn’t seem to be getting shorter.  This is because I have been adding to the ” To- Read List” more then I have been cancelling  off the names of the books that I have already read. 🙂

( I really need to get more organised in this area :P)

I’m actively using the remaining 3 months of 2016 to boost my knowledge in 4 areas.

  1. Parenting
  2. Healthy Lifestyle
  3. Branding and Marketing
  4. Personal development

I’m learning more about parenting teenagers as it will be getting more challenging for me trying to understand and guide Monkey boy who has been a very taxing experience for me since he entered his tween years.

It is very easy to focus on the kids inadequacies instead of encouraging them to improve for the better. It took me quite awhile to change my mindset and  concentrate on saying more word of encouragement then putting the kids down when they do not perform up to standard.

Here are some words of Encouragement which I commonly use.

  1. Tell me about it? (Show that I am genuinely interested in what they want to share.
  2. How did you figure it out?
  3. That looks like it took a lot of effort.
  4. Are you pleased with what you did?
  5. That’s excellent. Show me more!!

I’m thinking of what direction I should take with the blog for the next year as I’m focusing more on healthy living these few days.  I will be having a new series starting next week documenting how I  – Find a new me”

 What have you learnt this October?
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Highlights of September 2016

Tiger Girl's Birthday cake

Tiger Girl’s Birthday cake

Another month has whizzed past and now we are into the last quarter of 2016. September was another birthday month for us as Tiger girl celebrated her 6th birthday with a bash at an indoor playground. It was the first time that she was given an opportunity to celebrate her birthday with her friends and classmates and she was really excited to have her wish come true. There was a party planner and they had party games, snacks and free play at the indoor playscape after the party.


Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

My little girl will be entering primary school soon and start a whole new chapter of her life.  September not only marks a change in age but a change in appearance for her as she recently got her ears pierced.  I had been asking her for a few years if she was interested in getting her ears pierced but it was only now that she feels that she is ready for it.

It was a rather painless experience for her and it took only 5 minutes to get both sides pierced.  Waiting until she was ready for the procedure did help as she was mentally prepared and not frighten about it.

Monkey Boy and me

Monkey Boy and me

As we enter the 4th term of school the kids are all busy preparing for the final exams. Monkey boy is doing his PSLE this year and had been busy studying for this final leg. Tomorrow will be his final paper – Higher Chinese then he is done with all the exams that he will have to take during his primary school years.  He will be taking a break from studies and spending more time perusing his hobbies from next week onwards.

Monkey boy will be having more time to practice his piano and follow up on research projects that he had to shelf due to the PSLE exams. I’m sure he can’t wait to get started!!


Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

September was also a month that I started a new nutritional cleansing routine. To increase the impact of the program I have been stepping up my exercise regime and including various activities which will certainly aid in helping to my ideal shape and weight.


How was the month of September for you?

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