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Random Shots of November 2016

Yummy Creme Brulee

Yummy Creme Brulee

November has been a whirlwind month for me. So many things have been happening one after the other leaving me and the kids rather breathless.

Year end holidays are here and the kids and I are enjoying ourselves doing  activities which we normally reserve for the holidays.

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

egg benedict

egg Benedict

I’ve been trying my best to eat clean.  It hasn’t been easy and I have been having several cheat days 😛 There are so many scary products in the market made of plastic.  Even products like rice and noodles can be made of plastic and untraceable using our naked eyes.

Before I had kids I never thought much about what I am eating nor was I overly concern with it’s nutritional value. However now I am more particular about what I put into my body.  I only want the best for myself and the kids and fill our bodies with the necessary nutrition.

Tiger girl and me at the park

Tiger girl and me at the park

After having kids I started looking more seriously at my own health and fitness. I admit that I am not very discipline in  doing regular exercise and had been always looking for an exercise accountability partner.

I’m more concern about keeping healthy so that I will be able to be fully present during their growing up years. As mentioned last month  started a new series .

Finding a New Me

Finding a New Me

I will make monthly post documenting my journey to a better me. This month’s learning will be shared in the next post.

How had the month of November been for you?

Finding a New ME- My Journey to Health and Wellness


This year was a  year of massive changes for me.  2016 was the year that I stepped out of my comfort zone and embraced the challenged that came my way.

It has been a development year for me as I gained knowledge in many different areas.  It has changed my perceptive on health and what constitutes a balance and sustainable lifestyle.

I revamped my focus and also realigned my goals several times since the start of the year and am more certain of the path which I need to follow to realize my dreams.


In this series – “Finding A New Me” I will be sharing my journey in building a more resilient mindset, improving my health  and boost my energy levels. 2016 has been a breakthrough year for me and I can say I see things with greater intensity and clarity.

I do not put up with toxic people or give in to unreasonable demands anymore.  My focus has been and is always on the well-being of the kids .  However now I concentrate more on myself also as I realize that I should not neglect my well-being while providing for the family and kids.

I’m feeling awesome these few days as compared to how I felt in the 1st half of this year.

Join me in this new series of discovery as I share with you my experiences this year.

Were there any major breakthroughs for you this year?

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