Stream of Conciousness

SOC: Implementing Changes


April has been a month of changes for us. For once I am having time to learn something which I have been thinking about for a while- Bread. I just attended my 2nd lesson yesterday and we were on to making Ciabatta bread and another soft bread which tasted absolutely divine dipped with olive oil and vinegar. I’ll be posting pictures of my bakes later on in the week as I have yet to download them from my phone.

Next week we will be moving onto sourdough and I’m to cultivate my own sourdough at home to be use at the class. It will be the first time that I am growing bacteria at home and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will turn out.  The kids will be able to eat more healthy now that I’m onto baking breads besides cakes and other dishes. ( We can cut down eating out and cut down the  amount of money spent on buying bread)

Tomorrow starts the 1st day of the school run. I’ve decided to stop Doggie boy’s school bus and send him to school directly  instead. No doubt it will take about an hour or more doing the morning car run but it certainly beats having to fork out a hefty $180/mth(an increase again of $20)  just for him to take the bus to school. The bus doesn’t come at a regular time even though there is  given time and sometimes we end up wasting an hour just waiting for the bus to arrive. It really spoils my normal routine and precious time that I have to get everything done in the morning before fixing lunch. Now that he is no longer taking the bus I will have better control of the time and can use it more efficiently.

What changes are you making this month?



SOC: Easter and Dealing with Anxiety

It’s Easter Sunday and the kids are not very happy this year as they are not going to have any chocolate easter eggs. The kids are still down with cough and haven’t fully recovered so I am holding out on the chocolates for them. I hope they will be able to recover soon.

A few things have been causing me anxiety this week. It is not a good feeling and I hope that it doesn’t visit me that often. I don’t like playing the bad cop or have to be blunt to people who try to take advantage of me. I had some unpleasant encounters last week  with some bloggers while doing my first co-ordinated giveaway. It was a learning experience and it is just not worth being nice to some who don’t appreciate your effort. I am not calling out on the persons but have learned that it is not necessary to please everyone and sometimes people just don’t click and it’s best to part ways instead of lingering around with friction all over.  It’s my event and my rules and if there are any questions and things which are unclear about they should be voiced out before the event starts not when it was past the agreed on schedule. Anyway I treat it as a good lesson learned and move on. It’s no point being anxious to please everyone and inconvenience myself as a result of it.