SOC: Embracing a Minimalist Approach

I’ve been doing a lot of de-cluttering lately. There seems to be so many things to clear and corners to spruce up in the house. Since we got the house renovated I’ve been on a cleaning up spree.

It feels great getting rid of all the excess stuff that has been lying around and collecting dust in the house.  It’s amazing how satisfying to see the cupboards all clean and items inside neatly placed.

We can do away with all the fluff and only purchase stuff which we actually will use. Through the years I’ve learned that there is no need for so many different  items. How many can one use actually?  Sometimes we have so much stuff that we become unaware of what we actually have.

While clearing out the shelves and cupboards I realised that I had make up which I hardly used and has expired since then. Due to the clutter many things were not easy to find and in the end there were many duplicated items which were half used and wasted.

One doesn’t need 20 different pairs of shoes. There is certainly one or two favourite pairs which you will always use while the other 18 pairs collect dust in the shoe cabinet.

I’ve limited the number of shoes that I have to 5 pairs – 2 pairs of heels, a sports shoes, sandals and a pair of slippers. The kids have two pairs each for outing and another two pairs of school shoes. Each of them are given one shelve on the kids shoe rack.

I feel there is no need for excesses and to live with what is comfortable and necessary is more then enough.