Stream of Conciousness

SOC: Embracing Changes and Moving On

Old header


Last year I designed this header for the blog.  I added the mantra ” Living life to the fullest. Parenting and photographing”. This year I’ve redesigned the header yet again and changed the theme used. I have kept some of the elements but discarded those which I felt not that relevant. There are many facades to living life to the fullest and to only focus on parenting and photography didn’t give a clear picture of my passions which also included cooking and baking among others.

Looking back at the evolution of headers on the blog  it wasn’t too long ago when my header only showed this.

old header


I feel that the headers show how I have have evolved as a person. I’m more tech savvy now and more clear about what I would like from my blog and life. As my status changed from a parent of one child to a parent of three children my focus and priorities have evolved over the years.

I’m now setting more long term goals for myself and the kids with short term markers along the way.  I’ve learned to let go of things and people who are not beneficial to myself and family and embrace the new people who come into our life.

GOD has been kind in helping me evolve as a person and my trust is fully in him.

How have you evolved as a person?


SOC: Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day presentsit’s Mother’s day again and everywhere I go I can see Mother’s day decorations and flowers in the display windows  of shops in the shopping mall. This year I received some extra cute art work from  Doggie boy. He made all of those items shown above for me. I love the flowers, cake and heart shaped fan. They were really very sweet.

I guess once the kids all enter elementary school there will be lesser of these Mother’s day crafted gifts. This year there were only gifts from Doggie boy and none from Monkey boy. I’m waiting to see what R has for me this mother’s day.


How was your mother’s day like?