Holistic Learning- Understanding Your Creative Pattern

A white bloom

A white bloom

Everyone has a different personality type. In fact there are 16 different type which one can be classified under.  While reading the book Creative You I found out personality type the boys were.

Monkey boy  is a  ENFJ (The Persuader) while Doggie boy is a INFP (The Muser). This means that they are polar opposites and it can be really difficult to get them to understand each other. One is an introvert while the other is an extrovert.

Monkey boy is a talented speaker and very good at using his words to try to convince others about his point of view. He tries to use speech to worm his way out of delicate situations which are not to his advantage. However you can say that the has had limited success with me so far.

Doggie boy on the other hand innovates best by contemplating and imagining . He needs a lot of time to reflect on the task at hand before really getting into the groove of it.  He is a more private person and prefers working alone then in groups.

Both boys have different learning patterns too. Monkey boy can follow just having verbal instructions however Doggie boy relies more heavily on visual aids to learn.  As a result I have to tailor the same set of instructions so that both boys will be able to understand and follow through.

I am still seeking more information on how best to coach these two boys to maximize their potential. Now that I know their creative pattern it is easier for me to alter task to make them suitable for each boy.

Do you understand your child’s creative pattern?




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Holistic Learning: Dealing with Emotions

Dealing with emotions is something that all of us have to deal with in our lives. As the kids grow up I find that it is important to give them the tools to deal with both positive and negative emotions.

Positive emotions are easy to deal with. It is the negative ones which are more complicated and harder to deal with. If  one is not thought or given the tools to deal with their emotions properly it may result in dire consequences.

I’ve recently read in the papers about a secondary school student who jumped to his death off the top floor of a 40 story flat across his school. A good friend’s brother also recently committed suicide by jumping into the sea. He was apparently suffering from depression and couldn’t get out of the rut that he was in.  I seriously hope that my children do not feel that death is the only solution out of the misery that they may be feeling and  end their lives abruptly.

There are many different  emotions which one may feel with the course of the day and I will be focusing on the above mentioned in the diagram.

– Rejection

– Failure

– Low Self Esteem

– Guilt

Dealing with Rejection

Not being included in a group or getting brushed aside when participating in group activities is not a good feeling.  I constantly remind my kids that it is okay not to be included in every activity. We are participating in any popularity contest or need to constantly hog the limelight.  Sometimes we do things together in a group while on other occasions we may need to work independently.  Focus on your positive qualities and do know that you are being treasured as an individual.

Dealing with Failure

You may not succeed the first time round. The worst thing that can happen to you is not learning from your failure. Keep your chin up and try again. Now you know what went wrong you know what to do to prevent it from happening again.

Dealing with Low Self Esteem

You need to treasure yourself. Affirm your positive qualities and strengthen your self control.  You are as powerful as you can be.

Dealing with Guilt

It is a feeling that as adults we feel more acutely then as a kid. The guilt of taking the extra chocolate bar while you should be strictly focusing on keeping the dieting plan, not doing your chores etc. Sometimes we too need to remind ourselves not to be too harsh on ourselves.  If it your fault your should have a sincere apology to the person(s) involved and validate their feelings. You should  forgive yourself too.


 How do you teach your child to deal with their emotions?





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