When Miles Got Mad


When Miles Got Mad – Book Review

When Miles Got Mad by  Sam Kurtzman-Counter is a short picture book for pre-schoolers teaching them how to deal with their feelings.

In this book Miles get MAD when his little brother accidentally breaks his favourite toy.  His anger grows and grows until it manifested itself as a  big harry red monster. 

A page from the book (c) Ruby's Studio

A page from the book (c) Ruby’s Studio

The  20 + page picture book by Ruby’s Studio has lovely  illustrations like the one you see above.  The pictures are a mixture of real life settings with cartoon like characters.  Important words are highlighted in red, making it easy for the child to focus on it.

Photo from @Ruby Studio

Photo from @Ruby’s Studio

Miles was shocked to see a monster in the mirror instead of his reflection. It took a lot of encouragement by the Monster to use words to express his  anger. As Miles expressed his anger in words the Monster grew smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared once his anger left him.

Through the whole episode Miles learned how to control his anger and how to think rationally.  He also forgave his brother for his actions and together they repaired the broken toy plane. They continued playing happily with each other and put the incident behind them.

My thoughts

The author make it easy for the child to see how anger manifests within himself as a monster. It shows him how “ugly” they become when he gives in to these negative feelings.

The child is also shown how it is possible to work out his feelings and taught how to  “talk it through”. Many a time a child uses angry words or actions to express himself as he does not know alternative methods of expression which may be more productive.

I found this an excellent book as it teaches the concept of working through emotions safely without having the child throwing a tantrum.  I enjoyed reading the book with my pre-schooler and will be revisiting the book off and on with her.


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Weekend Reflections: Dealing with Delays and Frustrations.

The golf course at the holiday resort

The golf course at the holiday resort

This week has been a real roller coaster with the kids heading back to school. There has been changes in their schedule with extra classes and CCA making me running around fetching and sending them  more often then I would like.  I have yet to get through my backlog of reviews that are outstanding and certain small projects which I had started.

The recent haze in Singapore has seen many people rushing to buy N95 Mask to make sure that they are being protected  when they have to head out. We were not prepared for the sudden arrival of the haze when we were back in Singapore from Korea. Mask everywhere was sold out and many people turned online to buy this product.

I too decided to make my purchase online via Qoo10 hoping that it would be delivered soon. It would  have been  essential to wear a mask if the haze had continued at the hazardous level. It was the first time that the haze has been so bad in Singapore and we were unprepared on how to combat it.  I didn’t know that the online purchase  it would turn out to be a bad decision which  had been  stressed me up. I’m very particular  about  with non delivery of items and no indications on when it will be delivered.

A one week wait turned into two with no deadline in sight. I tried contacting the seller to inquire about the delivery  but no answer was given, all e-mails were not answered. It was really annoying not knowing when the item would be delivered or would there be a no-delivery at all. In the end I got noticed that the delivery was to be done on the weekend. I thought all was well and I would get the item which I ordered. Who knew that only 1 out of 2 of the items I bought were delivered and the order was incomplete. Customer service from Qoo10 was extremely unsatisfactory. Only when I threatened to take action and file an official complain did they take note of my grievances. For a country that claims to practice world class standards their customer service is still far from an acceptable level.

I’ve decided not to let his unhappy episode affect my mood this weekend and focus on praising GOD for the good weather that we have which is haze free. I’m also going to enjoy the long weekend  with the kids and we are going to have fun doing our weekend activities.

What has been on your mind this week?

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