The 1st Family Feeling Guide

1st Family Feeling Guide

1st Family Feeling Guide


The 1st Family Feeling Guide by Maree Watkins is a book unlike the normal books that I have read. It goes through the  different emotions  that a child may experience like – Anger and disappointment and gives suggestions on how he can cope with his feelings.

There are many different feelings that one goes through on a daily basis. These feelings can be very overwhelming for an adult what more for a young child!!

To let the parent/ adult have a better understanding of how they can assist the child in dealing with the emotions they are facing.

The different types of feelings  which one may experience are categorized from A to Z . Starting with Anger and ending with Zero Tolerance.

For each feeling there is a story which depicts one or more members of the freaky family  in a scenario highlights the given emotion and what they do to resolve the problems they face.

The story is read aloud to the child and questions are  asked to create a dialogue with the child to express his feelings.  The child has to learn how to express himself so that he will not suffer from repressed feelings which may lead him to feel hopeless and even in the worst case scenario lead to manic depression.



My thoughts

This guide by Watkins shows the reader the importance of teaching the child how to internalize and understand the various different feelings that he may experience.  It teaches the child how to think through logically and approach the problem that he has on hand.

By using the members of freaky family Watkins makes it easier  the child reading the book with the parents to relate to the emotions associated with the  characters inside the book.

It also give the parent the chance to show the child how to deal with each feeling properly by teaching them the coping skills.

Do pick up a copy of the 1st Family Feelings guide  to read more about how to deal with the different types of feelings.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review. All opinions are 100% mine.

10 Words that Describe our Home

Monkey Boy and Tiger girl


Home is a place which is dear to me. It’s a place where our family is able to grow roots and the kids get their training wings.  Somewhere which everyone feels comfortable being in and a place to let your hair lose and be yourself with people who love and respect you.

Here is a list of 10 words that describe our home

  1.  Messy.
    It’s not  a picture perfect house and you can see books everywhere in the house with lots of areas needing attention. Luckily I’ve managed to keep the majority of toys within the kids room so  that the other rooms in the house are not too badly invaded.
  2. Noisy
    The noise level can be extremely high at times with three hyperactive kids competing to get their voices and opinions heard. I’ve learned to put on selective noise filters at time so that I can concentrate on the task at hand.
  3. Comfortable
    I use earth colours as the base for the furnishing in our home and this gives it a warm and cozy feel.
  4. Spacious
    We have space to accommodate six beds in our apartment and there is lots of place for the kids to run around.
  5. Happy
    You can always hear the kids laughing while playing with each other. I’m glad that I hear laughter more often then screams and cries.
  6. Neighbourly
    The kids go over to the neighbour’s house and their kids come over to our place quite often.  They get along very well with each other.
  7. Loving
    Every member knows that they are part of the family and all of us share hugs and kisses on a daily basis.
  8. Ours
    We have personalized the apartment to suite our tastes and needs.
  9. Sunny
    Our house is certainly not dark as due to it’s orientation it does get a fair bit of morning and evening sun filtering through the whole house.
  10. Nurturing
    It is a constant work in progress but we are trying our best with our kids.

How would you describe your home?

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