10 Words that Describe our Home

Monkey Boy and Tiger girl


Home is a place which is dear to me. It’s a place where our family is able to grow roots and the kids get their training wings.  Somewhere which everyone feels comfortable being in and a place to let your hair lose and be yourself with people who love and respect you.

Here is a list of 10 words that describe our home

  1.  Messy.
    It’s not  a picture perfect house and you can see books everywhere in the house with lots of areas needing attention. Luckily I’ve managed to keep the majority of toys within the kids room so  that the other rooms in the house are not too badly invaded.
  2. Noisy
    The noise level can be extremely high at times with three hyperactive kids competing to get their voices and opinions heard. I’ve learned to put on selective noise filters at time so that I can concentrate on the task at hand.
  3. Comfortable
    I use earth colours as the base for the furnishing in our home and this gives it a warm and cozy feel.
  4. Spacious
    We have space to accommodate six beds in our apartment and there is lots of place for the kids to run around.
  5. Happy
    You can always hear the kids laughing while playing with each other. I’m glad that I hear laughter more often then screams and cries.
  6. Neighbourly
    The kids go over to the neighbour’s house and their kids come over to our place quite often.  They get along very well with each other.
  7. Loving
    Every member knows that they are part of the family and all of us share hugs and kisses on a daily basis.
  8. Ours
    We have personalized the apartment to suite our tastes and needs.
  9. Sunny
    Our house is certainly not dark as due to it’s orientation it does get a fair bit of morning and evening sun filtering through the whole house.
  10. Nurturing
    It is a constant work in progress but we are trying our best with our kids.

How would you describe your home?

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5QF-Election Weekend

The standard used by the President of Singapore

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This weekend we are having our general elections here in Singapore. There are many different opposition parties contesting for the seats in various constituencies.

The past nine days there has been rallys held by various political parties at designated open fields all around the island.

Tomorrow, 7th May, is the day that I too will have to cast my vote that will help determine the ruling party for the next 5 years.

1. Have you ever had roommates?
No I never shared a room but I did have flat/dorm mates during University.

2. How many names do you/your children have?

My 3 Kids

They have two names each  their christian and their Chinese names. However here on this blog I’m using their nicknames based on the year that they are born in so there is

The Eldest- Monkey Boy( Ryan).- Born in the year of the Monkey (2004)
Doggy Boy (Roy)- Born in the year of the Dog ( 2006)
Tiger Girl (Riona). – Born in the year of the Tiger (2010)

3. Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

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No. It was way too long to watch from start to finish. I only caught snippets of it on the telly and in the papers.

4. What is the messiest room in your house?
The kids room.  You should see the mess they create in it on a daily basis.

5. What is your ideal mothers day?

Happy Mother's Day from CAA Photography <3

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It would be one where I get to “rest” and not chase after the kids. A “kid -free” day where I can sleep in and leisurely enjoy my breakfast. A visit to the spa or catching a movie too would be good.

This week I’m grateful that:

– the new washing machine is finally in. I’m so loving this LG washer as not only does it save water but it saves on electricity too.

– I managed to witness Tiger girl reaching an important milestone. She is starting to crawl now at 7.5mths old. She can shuffle backwards pretty quickly now and I anticipate that she will be doing her forward crawl really soon.

– Our kitchen will be fixed up by the end of this month.  The leaking sink has given us problems for the past few years and we are finally getting the whole thing replaced.

My question this week
What food do you pack for a picnic?

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