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The year 2009 is drawing to a close and I’m starting to get lyrical as I reflect back on all the ups and down of the year.
There has been quite a lot of changes in the home front. Some for the better while others still need quite a bit of improvement on. I have embarked on many new projects and do have projects on the to-do-list for 2010.

I started out the year  focusing on my online ventures. They took a backseat when I returned to work full time. With the current bad economy it has been quite difficult for start up ventures to really kick-off.

As the year progressed I had my goals re-aligned as I realised that it is really not worth it to invest so much time on my online business. Even though a lot of time and effort is needed for a start up but more time is needed to properly groom a child and building up a family.

Having personally seen and experience disfunctional families and the lifelong effects it has on the children, I seriously didn’t want that to happen to my own family.

You only have so many hours  a day that you can spend with the family and it would be selfish of me to spend so many hours on personal interests at the expense of the family and kids.

Even though earning money is important to sustain a family it shouldn’t be the main focus. Many parents are often too occupied in chasing the ever exclusive $$ that they neglect the fact that it is essential to spend quality and quantity time to nuture a child.

If you are blessed , your child would turn out “right” with the minimal intervention.  However, if your child ends up being on the extreme end of the scale and gets into trouble with the law it would be too late to regret not taking an active part in his life.

Like a long-term  financial investment , one does not know if the effort that you are currently putting in now will reap any fruit. However if you DO NOT put in your investment now you will forever have the window of opportunity to nuture  your child into a well mannered and functional adult.

What has your philosophy been for the year?

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Ultimate Blog Party 2009- Are you In?

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

This is my official invitation to all of you about this fab party hosted by  Five Minutes for Mom. Every year they hold what is called “The Ultimate Blog Party.” And you are all invited. So what is The Ultimate Blog Party?” Here’s what the girls at Five Minutes For Mom have to say about the event this year.


For all who stopped by via UBP just here a brief introduction of myself.

From Dominique’s Desk(c)2009

I’m a elementary school teacher from Singapore. I’m currently teaching Grade 3 students in a neighbourhood school.  Here on this blog I write about my two boys and their various antics, strategies and techniques I have tried  in educating them.  This site is a mixture of short series injected with photos of my kids or objects of my fancy.  Each month I aim to focus on a different issue/ angle of educating kids and making parents more knowledgable about the tools avaliable to help them.

This month  focus was on IQ Vs EQ and how easy it is for parents to give their child a headstart in life.

Besides blogging I do freelance writing, web deisgning and have written a few e-books.  This month I relaunched – “Choosing the Right Primary School”- Singapore Edition (2nd Ed) which is a handy guide for parents who have kids entering Primary 1 in 2010.

There are many great prizes in the ultimate blog party. I have narrowed my choice   of what I would like to win to

  1. INTL 27 — Lifetime Membership to Mom Masterminds
    Provided by: Mom Masterminds
    Prize Details: Mom Masterminds is a membership based learning center and forum for the internet marketing mom who wants to learn more and network with other successful mompreneurs. Value $500
  2. INTL 66 – one month free advertising
    Provided by:
    Prize details: Get free advertising on your choice of one of the parenting sites on choice of: Little Bytes News, Mamas Timeout (network), Little Bytes News Blog or on our party supply site Gifts Party Supplies & More. Three winners will be chosen to submit their button or banner on the site for one month. (family friendly sites only)
  3. INTL 60 — Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak
    Provided by:Carole at
    Prize details: Get your house clean and keep it that way – fast & easy!
    Carole at is donating a copy of her best selling system to one lucky winner.
  4. INTL 39 — Two copies of Here You Are by author Mayke Beckmann Briggs – one copy for the lucky winner and one to pass along. ($16.95 value each)
    Provided by:
    Prize details: Here You Are just won the 2009 Mom’s Choice Award Silver Recipient in the Motivational/Inspirational Category with its simple, profound, and timely message. In Here You Are, a small child, enjoying nature and asking the fundamental questions of life, suddenly remembers something very deep in his very own heart, which dissolves all questions into a peaceful and joyful gladness. Since Here You Are has an uplifting and healing effect on children and adults, BoathouseBooks is donating two copies. This way, Moms can have their cake and eat it, too “passing it forward” without having to give away their own copy.

Do hope over to the party and join in and have fun!!:)

Please feel free to sign our linky (and leave a comment of course) so I know you stopped by and others can continue their UBP hopping.

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