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Weekend Reflections- Almost a year in retrospect


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The year 2009 is drawing to a close and I’m starting to get lyrical as I reflect back on all the ups and down of the year.
There has been quite a lot of changes in the home front. Some for the better while others still need quite a bit of improvement on. I have embarked on many new projects and do have projects on the to-do-list for 2010.

I started out the year  focusing on my online ventures. They took a backseat when I returned to work full time. With the current bad economy it has been quite difficult for start up ventures to really kick-off.

As the year progressed I had my goals re-aligned as I realised that it is really not worth it to invest so much time on my online business. Even though a lot of time and effort is needed for a start up but more time is needed to properly groom a child and building up a family.

Having personally seen and experience disfunctional families and the lifelong effects it has on the children, I seriously didn’t want that to happen to my own family.

You only have so many hours  a day that you can spend with the family and it would be selfish of me to spend so many hours on personal interests at the expense of the family and kids.

Even though earning money is important to sustain a family it shouldn’t be the main focus. Many parents are often too occupied in chasing the ever exclusive $$ that they neglect the fact that it is essential to spend quality and quantity time to nuture a child.

If you are blessed , your child would turn out “right” with the minimal intervention.  However, if your child ends up being on the extreme end of the scale and gets into trouble with the law it would be too late to regret not taking an active part in his life.

Like a long-term  financial investment , one does not know if the effort that you are currently putting in now will reap any fruit. However if you DO NOT put in your investment now you will forever have the window of opportunity to nuture  your child into a well mannered and functional adult.

What has your philosophy been for the year?

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Weekend Reflections- Revisting Targets


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As the year draws to the close it has been time to revise the targets which I have set for the year.

Sometimes we start off with the best of intention but get derailed by other commitments  or simply lose steam in the process.

On occasions when time is a constrain of realise that the situation or environment has changed the plan is quickly aborted even before execution.

What I have learned so far is that

  1. Start from an achievable level. Start of small and slowly work your way to the finishing line.
  2. Not to have too many targets and projects to handle simultaneously. Deliberating which project to complete is really a time waster and in the end you achieve much lesser then you have set out to do.
  3. It is a must to set yourself time frames to complete your project. If the deadline is reached you either move on to the next project or give yourself 1 small extension if possible. No point in constantly revising the deadline as it reduces the urgency to complete the task and you would tend to muddle over it instead of complete it.

In the coming month I will be setting my targets for 2010. This time round I will be more selective and prudent in setting tasks to do and following them through.

Have you revisited your targets lately?

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