My 5 favourite Apps

logo_newsloop_02There are many apps which I use on a daily basis. Some of them are on my Android phone while others are in my ipad.

Here is a list of my 5 favourite Apps.

1. NewsLoop

This is the latest app which is available for both Android and Apple devices. It shows you the latest local and international news and also information in the various categories like food, tech and gadgets etc. Dominique’s Desk is featured under the kids and parenting category in this app.


2. Instagram

I’m sure most of you have this app downloaded on your phone. If you do and would like to add  new streams to follow do consider following me – RachelDominiquegoh(my user name). I use this app to upload pictures to both facebook and twitter while at the same time uploading the pictures to my Instagram account. Get snippets into my life and what we do during this holidays via Instagram.





3. WHATsApp

This is the app which I use to communicate with my friends when I am out. It is easier to talk in group and have discussions on it. I love all the cute icons you can attach to it and the ease in adding photos which are relevant to the conversations. I use this to keep in touch with relatives and family who are overseas.


FarFaria App Start Page

FarFaria App Start Page

4. The Far Faria Storybook App

This is a great app to keep the kids occupied on the go by sharing of more then 100 different stories with them. There are new books added each week to the collection and you can choose to let the book be read to your child or he reads it by himself.

Birdees the App

Birdees the App

5. The Birdees Sex App

I am using this app with the boys a lot this school holidays as I brush up their knowledge on Sex education and keeping themselves safe. It is  pitched at a level which is easy for elementary school kids to understand and I like that it gives sufficient and relevant information about the topic.


What are your favourite apps?