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Highlights of Jan 2017

My CNY outfit
My CNY outfit

Jan 2017 was certainly a month of mad scheduling for me and the kids.  It was hectic getting back into the school mode for the kids and waking up as early at 5.45am to get ready for the school day.

I had to restart my engine also as I enterd the new year.  The 6 week year end holidays that we had really turned my schedule upside down. We were spending a lot of time outside and deviated from the normal waking and sleeping hours.

It was a big shift in time table for me too as I adjust to the new earlier time table as Monkey boy now has to travel further to go to  his secondary school.  He now has to cope with 8 subjects instead of 4 and it ias a rather steep learning curve for him adjusting from Primary school to Secondary school.

Monkey boy receiving his award on stage
Monkey boy receiving his award on stage

The year started of with a blast for him as it was the 2nd time that he was presented at Edusave Scholarship by Mr Desmond Choo.   He was within the top 10% of their level and course in terms of academic performance, and had demonstrated good conduct.

I’m really proud that he was able to remain with the top 10% of his level consistantly throughout his primary school years.

In January I reviewed the First Family Feeling Guide . It was a book that gives parents a better understanding on how to deal with the different feelings that a child may experience.  I found this book a good starter book to get the child to disscuss how he feels with the adult.   The child needs to be able to express himself properly to grow up to be a emotionally balanced adult.

January was also the month when I came out with 20 ideas to make it the BEST year ever.  What better time then to start creating ideas at the start of the year so one can follow through.

How was your month of January? 


Primero Fitness Foam Rollers Review

{ Product Review & Giveaway }

The Centeranium (Yellow) and Fascinator (black) Foam rollers by Primero

The Centeranium (Yellow) and Fascinator (black) Foam rollers by PrimeroHave you seen these two items above? These two Myrotrigger  rollers are the new equipment  from Pirmero  Fitness that I added into my  fitness equipment collection at home and use on a regular basis.

I have been hearing about Foam rolling and how it  helps release muscle tension after a straineous workout and had been interested to giving it a try since I’m working out more regularly now.

Since restarting on  my road to fitness in 2016 I’m beeing gradualling adding more and more fitness equipment into my current arsenal. Given my hectic and irregular schedule I find it most convienient to work out in the home.

Firstly let me tell you about foam rolling for those who find this a new concept like I did when I was first introduced to it.

What is foam rolling?

Based on the explaination in wikipedia it is basically essentially a more affordable way to give yourself a deep tissue massage. By slowing rolling over various areas of your body, you’ll help break up adhesions and scar tissue and speed up the healing and recovery process after your workout.

I sit and stand quite a bit in my line of work and this results in backaches and also aching calves.  To reduce the tension and muscle aches that  I have, I’ve  used the rollers in a series of different exercises and found them very effective.

Using the roller for my thighs
Using the roller for my thighs
Using the roller on my calves
Using the roller on my calves

If you are looking for different exercises to try out with the foam rollers you can refer to the Six Pack Abs workout by Primero.

Primero has a selection of 3 different type of  foam rollers

The paperclip A Solid High Density EVA Foam Roller in Grey ($49)

The Centeranium  Filled with ultra solid density foam and comes with a 100 year warranty ($69)

The Fascinator The Most premium foam roller made from dense PVC foam. ($80)

Besides Foam rollers PRIMERO Fitness  also sells  dumbbells, exercise mats and barbells . 

Do check out  PRIMERO Fitness if you are deciding on getting some foam rollers, dumbells, exercises mats or barbells.


(For Singapore based readers only )

*Giveaway runs from 25th Jan till 2nd Feb 2017

The kind folks at PRIMERO Fitness are giving away 2 foam rollers  to  two lucky readers the readers here at Dominique’s Desk. 

Simply enter by listing the following in the comments below

  1. The reason why you should have a Primero Foam Roller.
  2. Which of the 3 rollers you prefer
  3.  You name and e-mail (so I can contact you if win)

The winner will be contact by e-mail after the draw closes on the 2nd of Feb 2017.


Disclaimer: I received the Centeranium and Fascinator Foam rollers for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.