The Transition from Primary to Secondary

The Transition From Primary to Secondary
From Primary to Secondary

2019 marks a new milestone in Doggie Boy’s life. It marks the start of his Secondary school life. It is a totally new environment for him being in a new school , making new friends and handling 10 subjects instead of 4.

Having experienced this transition the 2nd time around as a parent there are things that I am more aware now as I guide my child through the transition from Primary school to Secondary school.

Here in this new series I will be touching on the following areas
– Surviving the PSLE ( Academic Preparations)
– Secondary School Selection
– Electronic Usage (Permissions and Supervision)
– Emotional Guidance
– Parental Dilemmas ( Restrictions/ Age appropriate permissions)
– Holistic Development

If you have any other areas which you would like me to cover do feel free to mention in the comments below.

How did you help your child transit from
Primary to Secondary School?

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