The Joy of Success

Joy of Success book cover

Joy of Success book cover

The Joy of Success: Ten Essential Skills for Getting the Success You Want by Susan Ford Collins is a book which identifies the skill set that is needed to succeed in life.

There are two parts to this book.

Part one focuses on : What They Didn’t Tell You About Success— that You Need to Know while Part Two dwells on : The Rest of the Skills You Will Need— to Make the Changes You Want

In Part one  Susan explains the meaning of Success and how it affects one personally.

Success is completion of what you set out to do.  No matter how big or small the task may seem, the satisfaction you get when you complete it determines your level of success.  She also mentions that

Success is being able to let go of an unworkable
method or system. An outgrown relationship you’ve tried everything conceivable to fix. A well-paying job you’ve done the same way far too many times.
Success is quitting smoking or giving up caffeine, sugar, or drugs; or letting go of your society-rewarded addiction to old rules, hard work, money, or power.
Success is cutting out, down, or back.
Each time we acknowledge that we have completed or deleted a creation cycle, a new quantum of energy is generated for our use. Each time we acknowledge ourselves as powerful, response-able creators we become closer and closer
to understanding that we are co-creating with God.

How a person defines success varies from person to person and the definition is certainly not universal. To attain success is to be able to reach ones’ dream.

Having a detailed dream makes it easier to act on.  The more detailed your dream is the more power it has.  There are three gears to success and in the book Susan explains how and when to use the different gears.

With a plan in mind it is easier for one to move towards the goal/dreams to obtain success.

My thoughts

I found this book , The Joy of Success, to be an extremely refreshing read.

We are the creators of our life and how what we do does have it’s own consequences. Fate is what we make out of it.

We decide what we want and how we can go about getting it. Be it learning the ropes from others, experimenting on our own or setting a detailed game plan with a timeline.

We need to know if we have supporters or co-pilots on this journey with us and they are in which gear so that we can synchronize with each other.

Do not let others push you off the track to achieving your success but tweak your game plan as you go along.  You are the only person in the world who knows or can discover exactly what you want. Therefore it is very important to lead the way to achieving your GOALS.

Our perception of Success changes as we mature and update our thinking.  Sometimes new notions have to be put in action to get new results.  With our foundation in place we are able to get whatever we aim.

Do get a copy of the book if you are seeing to accelerate your success.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.  This post has affiliate links.