Writer’s Workshop: Not Unbelievable about Fate

Quotation on Fate

Quotation on Fate

Every step that we take leads us somewhere.  The path that we take is determined by two main factors- chance and choice.  The combination  will see whether we move forward or have to take a step back and reassess our actions in life.

Do we make use of the chances which we are given or let them slide away while we wait for the BEST one to arrive?  What if it never arrives? What do we do then?

Decisions. Something that has to be made all the time.  The result can either be good or bad.

Pass or Fail?

The choices that we make on a daily bases shapes the live that we lead.  Irregardless of the consequences of action taken we need to take responsibility for it.

It is hard to determine if it what we do today will bring in results straight away or years from now.  Not all things deliver immediate results and sometimes it takes years of hard work to achieve the targets/goals that we set  ourselves.

Whether you  ultimately succeed or fail depends on one’s determination to work through all the obstacles that comes one way.

No one says that it will be easy or a walk in the park but if you persevere there will certainly be results. This is something that I am confident about.


What is your take on Fate?

Mama’s Losin’ It  Jenny Matlock