My Dinosaur is More Awesome

My Dinosaur is More Awesome book cover

My Dinosaur is More Awesome book cover

My Dinosaur Is More Awesome! by Simon Coster is a  picture book for kids 3-5 year old which Tiger girl and I recently read.

The story begins at dinner time with  the siblings Joel and Olivia.

Joel and Olivia were sitting down to dinner one day  with their two favourite dinosaurs when they started talking about their dinosaurs.

” My Dinosaur is better then yours.

” Her clothes are always in style

She has a closet just for shoes and hats

and a bag made of  NILE  Crocodile” ~ Said Olivia

This proclamation by Olivia started off a chain reaction between Olivia and Joel as they started bragging about how their dinosaur is much better then the other one.  Both of them gave exaggerated claims about their dinosaurs abilities as they started to argue and moan at each other.

Olivia and Joel came out with some of the most fantastic  validations of their dinosaurs capabilities like the following statements.

– ” My dinosaur can eat a WHOLE cactus!! ” – said  Olivia

Joel countered with  ”  My dinosaur eats FIVE in his sleep!!”

The argument goes on and on till their mom steps in and halts them. She then tells them that she too has a dinosaur and hers it the best of all.

With that she shuts both the kids up and made them sit down and finish up their dinner.

My thoughts

Reading the book with my 4 yr old reminded me of how it is in my family.  The  older boys are often arguing with each other at the dining table during dinner and trying to outdo one another .

Children love to compete with each other and try to show that they are more superior then the other.   Such competitive behavior is something which I do not condone and I’m glad that the mommy in the story  put a stop to such negative behavior.

Tiger girl and I love the illustrations of the dinosaurs in the book and all the exclamations that both Olivia and Joel came up with.

It was certainly a fun read for us  which conveyed the message that bragging is certainly not condoned.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.  This post has affiliate links.