Writer’s Workshop: Quite Unfortunately it’s Not for Now

Pink Tulips
Pink Tulips

There are many things that I wish to do in my life. You can say that it is on my bucket list of things to achieve while I  am still physically and mentally capable.

Given the current conditions and situation that I am in at the moment it is not possible for me to achieve it as yet. I do not have the funding nor the luxury of the time on my hands to complete the task which I wish to do.

Here is a list of 8 things that I have been wanting to do but just can’t at the moment.

1. Getting my Masters

I really would like to further my education and go back to school. I miss the days I spent studying in the university. Even though  it would be certainly challenging for me as it has been more then a decade since I was last in school but I welcome the challenge.

I haven’t decided as yet though what type of Masters I would like to get. It’s still a tie between a MBA or a Masters in Education.

2. Learn the Saxophone

I always love this instrument and how sexy Kenny G looks playing it. Even though I do know how to play the piano and the violin but I have never really tried playing a woodwind instrument.  I don’t think it will be too difficult for me to pick it up since I already know the basics of note reading.

3. Take up a professional photography course.

It would be nice to be able to play around with a full frame DSLR with all the fancy lenses. To know exactly how to use it and have mentor who can guide me through it with hands on experience.

4. Take up a Japanese Cooking class

The kids and I love eating Japanese food and it would be great if I could make more Japanese dishes at home and learn the tricks on how they make their ramen broth so tasty. It would certainly help us save $$  as we need not eat out that often on the weekend when we have a craving for Japanese food. 

5.  Learn how to do  Ikebana

The Japanese art of flower arrangement has always  been of interest to me. It’s really intriguing seeing how a simple arrangement can really jazz up the room and add character to it’s surroundings.

6.  Live and work overseas.

I would love a change of scenery  and move away from the tropical heat.  Staying here in Singapore  I long to enjoy the changes of climate which I had when I was studying in Australia back then.

7.  Spend a month touring around Europe

I love the scenery in that region and the varied architecture and landscapes.   It would be great to be able to travel to the various cities in Europe and experience their rustic charm.

8.  Experiencing Sky Diving

This is something which I hope to be able to experience. Even though I do have a slight phobia of heights but the adrenaline rush is what’s draws me to try it out.

What have you been putting off?


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15 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Quite Unfortunately it’s Not for Now”

  1. You have a lot of things you want to do! I’ll do the month long tour of Europe with you. I would like to learn to play more instruments, too.

  2. You remind me of our middle daughter. She is going to take a trip to Ireland this year and she recently passed the requirements to carry a concealed weapon. She is a tiny little lady and she has many dreams include scuba diving off the coast of New Zealand. I would love to visit Hawaii one day and also Ireland. My ancestors came from the former Yugoslavia and I am unsure if it would be wise to travel there although I have many photos and they are beautiful. I would love to visit where you live as well as Hong Kong. My hubby has been a fan of Bruce Lee and the whole phamily loves Bruce Lee’s legacy. We would like to visit his birthplace as well as the museum in Seattle, Washington created by his wife and daughter.. My hubby studied Jeet Kune Do when he was young. I never finished my college degree, I am older now but often wish I had the financial l means to complete my education. I do not have regrets only hopes and dreams. You have a wonderful bucket list and I wish you great success in achieving all of them! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I’ve put off doing some things for far too long. Now I’m 69 and feel like I’m running out of time. I’ve simplified my list. I moved into this house a little over a year ago and would like to finish hanging stuff on the walls. I’ve got boxes filled with things to hang, but I’m not sure how or where I want to hang them. I finally got the stairway and hallway painted. It’s time to start hanging!

  4. I empathize with you. With my limited mobility I try not to dwell too much on what I can’t do because there are many things I can do. But lack of time and not prioritizing what needs to be seems to be taking some things in the back seat.

  5. Nice list. Hope you get a chance to do some of those things. I was lucky enough to have a Japanese roommate in college who taught me Japanese home cooking which used mostly hamburger & hotdogs and was pretty simple. You’d be surprised. It wasn’t at all related to restaurant food. If you can learn Japanese cooking from someone who is really Japanese teaching, it’d be worthwhile I’d say.

  6. I wish I had learned an instrument too and there are so many wonderful places I could have traveled too. It’s like you said though…just not for now.

  7. Hi Dominque! There’s so much I’ve been putting off, and I haven’t even done a proper Bucket List yet. But you definitely got me thinking there. I’d love to travel Europe too and also live and work overseas. We’re still young, we can still do these things! 🙂

  8. I also want to learn photography, but have not really pushed myself into doing it. There are so many other things I want to do, too. Just have to prioritize.

  9. Just like you, I have so many goals/wants in life right now. Unfortunately, I think my age and my time won’t permit me to grab em all. Like for example, I wanna learn mix martial arts (UFC?) but I think I can’t anymore because of my age. 🙁

  10. That’s a great list – it’s extensive and it shows a well-rounded person. I have quite a long list that has taken a backseat when I got married and had children. I may not get to do some anymore but there are no regrets because of the blessings of a wonderful family.

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