The Future Architect’s Handbook

The Future Architect's Handbook Book Cover

The Future Architect’s Handbook Book Cover

The Future Architect’s Handbook by Barbara Beck is a 8 chapter book which gives one an insight into how a house is built up from scratch.

The book is written for  kids aim 8-12 year old to give them an insight into what an Architect does. Based on the drawings of Arron’s house the reader is shown step by step by Barbara how a house is built.

Readers are taken through the process of how the different materials for different parts of the house are chosen.  Building a house is not as easy as it seems. It is not like putting blocks of Lego together to build a structure. It is more complicated than that as many different factors have to be taken into consideration before building can commence.

Barbara does the following in her book

– She gives an overview of what Architecture and Architects are.

-Introduces the various building components that will be used.

– Shows what a site plan and a floor plan is

– Talks about what is Scale, Section and Elevation

My Thoughts

I let my 10 year old read this book by his own and his feedback that he found it really cool and interesting. It gave him a clear inside into how a house is being built. He intends to use the concepts that he has learned in building better cities within Minecraft.

I personally found this book really interesting. It  gave me a better understanding of the job of an Architect and what goes into building a house.  I don’t think that I will be able to witness building a house from scratch as most of us live in apartments here in Singapore. However it was certainly great knowledge to know how one is designed and built.

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