Travel to Tomorrow- A Book Review

Travel to Tomorrow by Angela Sage Larsen is set in 1955. It talks about a group of girls who were given the social studies group assignment of presenting their findings about living as a teenager 50 years into the future. What they didn’t expect was that they woke up one day 50 years into the future – 2005. Their lives drastically change when they realized that their families are not the same as before. Most of them are much better off and live in bigger houses with all the modern amenities.  The family compositions are still the same however they are not able to do things like try out for a sports scholarship which wasn’t even in existence in 1955.

Everything in Beverly, Mary, Judy, Ann, and Maxine’s room remain 1955ish while everything else and everyone else has been fast forward and living in the future. The girls continue their lives as high school students and attend the same school. However they “stand out” from the others due to their dated dressing and thinking. They still move around in the same circles and get a chance to know the boys that they were interested while back in 1955.

The story ends as a mystery as the girls have yet to be teleported back to 1955. I guess that one would have to read through the whole 5 book series to know the ending.

The author made an attempt to link the past to the present  in Travel to Tomorrow and exposing the girls inner feelings through their handwritten diary entries in certain chapters of the book.  There is also a display of comradely through the girls as they stick together in the future to find a sense of normalcy to their changed life.

I personally found the story a bit draggy with it’s 21 chapters.  I’m not really into girly girl books and was not really captivated by the plot.  In all it was quite an interesting read for me and  I’m sure a teenage girl would enjoy reading it too.

* Disclaimer- I received a review copy of this book. Opinions are 100% my own.