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Tiger girl with her Pororo dress from South Korea and Doggie boy wearing a Yukata from Japan.
Tiger girl with her Pororo dress from South Korea and Doggie boy wearing a Jinbei  from Japan.

We love travelling and are blessed to be able to travel yearly. The kids have been to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.  The kids have only traveled to countries within Asia so far as I don’t think that they will be able to stand a flight more then 8 hrs at their age.

I hope to bring them to further places  and visit relatives in USA/ Canada when they are older as they would be able to tolerate longer flight time then.  We will also need to save up enough cash first before the trip to USA/Canada can materialize.

The kids have been travelling since they were babies and look forward each holiday to visiting new places. In fact I started bringing them on holidays since they were 5-6 months old so they are seasoned travelers now at the age of 4, 7 and 10.

(I haven’t  had the time to list down all the places that we have been so far. However, you can view most of the places that we have visited on our TRAVEL Page which I am currently  still updating.)

 Seafood Phad Thai Noodles
Seafood Phad Thai Noodles

The kids have had many different types of experiences being immersed in the different cultures and learning about their traditions. They have been able to taste the unique foods of the various places we visited and compare it to the foods that we normally serve at home.

A Balinese Temple
A Balinese Temple

We have visited different churches  and temples on our travels . Visiting these places have  opened up many learning opportunities for the kids about other religions and practices the locals have.


The kids get to experience first hand how different other kids their age live in their countries and how fortunate they are to be living in Singapore.

Tiger girl and R on a ride in Tokyo Disneysea
Tiger girl and R on a ride in Tokyo Disneysea

We have visited many different places of interest and also enjoyed the rides at the different theme parks.  Being adrenaline junkies we went countless time on the roller coasters and other fun rides.

As the kids grow older it has been easier bringing them overseas on holidays. There are lesser things to pack as I don’t need to make provision for bulky diapers and extra change of clothes in our luggage bags. The kids are also able to pack their own luggage and take care of their own belongings.

The boys can help me pull the luggage bags and help keep an eye on their sister if I am busy handing paper work at the immigration counter at the airport.   I’m confident travelling alone with the kids and  look forward to our next adventure together.

Do you enjoy travelling too?




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18 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Us Travelling”

  1. Such adorable children and what wonderful parents to travel to so many places in Asia with your children
    I went to China and Tibet and was intriqued by all of them ~ many beautiful people, places and things!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Traveling with your children is going to make some wonderful and lasting memories for them. I love to travel, too. We’ve traveled the States, and most of Europe. Although I have not been to Asia yet, my husband has been. We plan on traveling 6 weeks out of every year to somewhere new from here on out. There is a lot to see out there!

  3. Hi Dominique ~~ Mrs. Jim and I have traveled quite a bit. We have been to every state in the U.S. Lots of other places too, I couldn’t really say which was the prettiest. Most recent was Britain and Wales which was very pretty (we rented a car for that). Our younger daughter traveled quite a bit when she first went with BP.

  4. ‘… wow, that is a good experience for your children. I hope my son and I could travel soon. I’m glad I read your post because I have learned from you that aside from checking out places and having enough fund, I must also take into consideration how long a flight can my son take. Thank you again.’

  5. I love traveling! I agree the kids is not into yet for longer flights like USA/Canada. It’s nice seeing your lovely pictures and it looks like a whole lot of FUN.:)

  6. This is so amazing! Traveling since before 1 and seasoned at 4 🙂 My kiddies have traveled a bit more than most being Military Brats but I would still love to explore with them when we weren’t simply trying to reach a destination. Have more time and fun to soak everything in.

  7. I love traveling. It must be fun traveling with family. I have friends who travel with their young kids and I am amazed how you guys do it.

  8. I hope they grow up to appreciate all the travel they’ve been able to do! I definitely didn’t get to see as much of the world as my kids do!

  9. I am rather partial to a little wander every now and again, I have to say 🙂 Beware though, we have brought our children up to love travel just as you are doing and now they are all young adults they are never home! We have one in Asia, one in Europe this weekend!! Your kids are at a wonderful age, enjoy! I loved your travel page, great idea. Have fun!
    Wren x

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