Writer’s Workshop: On Your Own

Tiger girl holding on to a pole

Tiger girl holding on to a pole

It has been nearly 20 years since I graduated from high school.  Back then I was all eager to be set free. I was finally legally an adult and could  do whatever I wanted.   I did not need to be accountable to the elders for  every  little thing that I do. I only needed to answer to myself.

I thought it would be great as I didn’t not need to have to  worry about other people’s approval and I could do things as and when I liked.

There was no one to nag at you for staying up late or for not doing your chores. You could simply focus on doing what  pleased you and don’t even need to do things which you didn’t fancy doing.

I could spend as long as I wanted watching DVDs if there wasn’t a class that day. No one could stop me!!

Little did I know that it was a blessing to get  certain things like bills being paid by your parents.  Being an adult is really not easy.

All of the sudden I was responsible for the so many things which I never really did have to bother before. It was really overwhelming as I suddenly had so many different things to handle all at once.

Staying abroad during my University years I had to handle everything myself. From getting my own apartment, paying bills and even choosing what to eat everyday.  Even though I shared an apartment with fellow Uni mates I had to change my accommodation a few times as it was difficult to find people who you could get along with to stay together.

I had to learn how to budget my finance and make major decisions on my own. If bad decisions were made I had to bear the consequences myself.  It was a really growing experience during the 4 years I spent in Australia for my degree.

There is really a vast difference from what one perceives as “freedom” being an adult and what it really is.

How was it for you living on your own?


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