Daddy does better

R and us in Japan in Dec 2013

R and us in Japan in Dec 2013

R and I have been parents for the past 11 years.  It has been a challenging experience for both of us dealing with our three kids.

His approach with the kids has been different from mine as he spends lesser time with them due to the nature of his job.  He doesn’t have time to deal with the nitty gritty  daily issues that I face with them.

Most of the time he handles the more serious matters and works on individual bonding moments that he has with them when he is in town.

He  get a daily  update on what we do through e-mails, facebook and Whatsapp.

The boys learning how to Ski

The boys learning how to Ski

If there  are any pressing matters at home regarding the kids he will  talk to them directly through  Face time or even LINE.

I can say he is more patient with them as compared to me and definitely more willing to do outdoor activities with them . ( I rather keep out of the sun if possible.)

He is also better at counseling the boys as I guess that being of the same gender he understands their way of thinking better.  Being a qualified Hypnotist he is able to engage with them on a subconscious level and how their mind works.

He is certainly a hands on dad and willing to help around with everything  in the house from cooking to cleaning.

R can iron much faster and better then me. (That’s why I leave all the ironing to the men as all of them, including Doggie boy my 7 yr old, knows how to iron.)

We are learning a lot from each other on a daily basis and it’s clear that  for certain stuff Daddy certainly does better then me. 


What are the things that your husband does better then you?

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