Writer’s Workshop: Darling Daddy

R and the kids

Being a dad has been one of R’s roles since 9 years ago.  It has been a learning journey for him being a father. He has been growing and learning more about fatherhood and has become more experienced through the years. Being steadily promoted from a father of one to now a father of three he has been actively engaging with the caring of the kids.

He handles the cleaning/ bathing of the kids since they were newborns and still does bath and feed Tiger girl when I’m engaged with her older brothers.  I guess that practice makes perfect and with experience comes ease in handling of the kids physical needs.

He is the more relax parent compared to me. Maybe it’s because he gets more of the fun jobs of playing with the kids and bringing them out for fun instead on focusing on academics and discipline. Even though he and me don’t see eye to eye on certain issues regarding the kids we both agree that we need to co-ordinate our efforts in educating them.

I have learned from him not to be so uptight with the boys when they really drive me up the wall.He is really patient with the kids and has a really high tolerance to all their monkey antics. He will reason out with them before delivering any punishments if it is deemed necessary.

Tolerance is a virtue which I have cultivate throughout the years under his guidance. Although at times I still do snap at the kids when they drive me mad but it hasn’t been as often as before.

I guess that we do learn a lot from our spouse about how to improve on our parenting skills.

What have you learned from your spouse about parenting?

What’s the best tip you have had so far?


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  1. My husband is far greater at doing the things that interest them (even if he’s a little bored) than I am. He gets knee deep in some of their activities even if he has better things he could be doing.

    Great post.

  2. he certainly does sound like a wonderful Dad, and how lucky that you can learn from him as well. Although I am betting he learns just as much from you.

  3. my husband is by far much better at letting Zachary be indepenent than I am. If I were a SAHM, I would smother him to death! my husband is perfect with him and Zachary loves him soooo much – he regularly says “go see daddy?’ when I am playing with him hehe

    1. @Dana,
      I feel that guys are just wired more towards play which certainly favors well with kids.

  4. DH is more in control of his emotions than me. This is somethng I definitely could benefit from.

    The best tip I can offer is, step away from a bad situation before you react, then approach the problem after a few deep breathes with clarity and calmness.

    What a good dedication post to your husband with Father’s Day just around the corner!

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  5. My boys lost their dad a long time ago, but in the few short years he had with them he was an amazing father. I think that my sons learned a lot from him, because they both have been wonderful fathers also…

  6. Hubby’s patience seems to be quite the theme with this prompt this week. =) I’m glad so many people have such great men in their lives!

  7. There seems to be many great advice here already and I can see most of them being beneficial. Dads are important in children’s lives. Dads seems to be the one somewhat less involved than the moms, but yet they have such a stronng bond even when they are at work, and moms stays home.
    We learn from each other, even with prior parenting experience, I am still learning as the children change. We have different ways of being with the kids and I respect his approaches.

  8. Oh darling just reading this made me cry.
    I wish I could answer your question openly,, but it would put the husband in a not so nice light.

    I’m so glad your husband is so wonderful about being engaged throughout the kids lives in everything.


  9. I’m really glad that more and more Daddies are so hands-on with the children now!
    They’ve even installed changers in men’s rooms in older shopping centres who do not have the ‘family rooms’ which became a compulsory building addition since about a decade ago. Positive change!

    I believe that every couple will ‘complement’ each other when it comes to parenting. Both parties can’t always be good / bad guys – and I think that you and R have managed to strike that balance wonderfully.

  10. Men do have a way of approaching parenthood in a different way! I’ve learned a lot from my husband too in terms of having more patience and being more playful.

  11. What a wonderful tribute to the father of your children!
    a tip–most things are not as bad as they seem. Everybody makes mistakes and must learn from them. They do grow up, will learn to like veggies (or not).. Actively loving them is the most important thing.

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