We’ll Always Have Paris by Jennifer Coburn



We’ll Always Have Paris: A Mother/Daughter Memoir  is written by Jennifer Coburn.  The book documents Jennifer’s  summers travel to the various countries in Europe from the time her daughter Katie was eight.

2005 was the year that Jennifer and Katie went off on their traveling adventures.  They  visited  Paris and London the cities that Jennifer always wanted to visit since she was a little girl.

Jennifer  wanted to retrace the steps that her Dad took as a musician who lived in Europe and  create many memorable Mother and Daughter bonding moments with Katie by visiting the places together with her.

Traveling with her daughter has always been on Jennifer’s mind. It was something which she gave high priority to  compared to fixing up the house which was falling to pieces.  Since her dad died of lung cancer she felt all the more important it was to give her child good and memorable memories of them together for her to remember  her by and also at the same time remember the memories she had with her dad as a child.

Jennifer was very hesitant and afraid that she would not be able to be  a good guide and traveling partner for Katie as she could not speak French and it was her first trip to France itself.  She had to tackle jet lag and being foreigners in a foreign land without any assistance. It was mind boggling but she managed to survive the trip and visited the places of interest that she had planned on her itenary  without too many hiccups on the way.

Since that uneventful trip Jennifer and Katie have had 3 subsequent Mother and Daughter bonding trips to Italy, Spain and Amsterdam and Paris.

My thoughts

I really enjoyed reading about Jennifer’s honest account about her travels in Europe. I too will have similar reservations if I was traveling alone with my kids in a foreign country and could not speak the local language.

Jennifer brings the reader from the modern day back to the past by interjecting the daily struggles she had on holiday with memories that she has of her dad.

I do hope to be able to travel with my kids one on one in the future and have such Mother and Daughter bonding traveling opportunities with my 3 kids.

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